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Contact Discovery Service

Good contact discovery is an added advantage when it comes to large databases, especially for cluster marketing service. Since it eliminates the need to scan minutely through a large pool of data, it gives you better, faster and more accurate results. Understanding the need of reliable contact discovery in B2B marketing, we provide you with contact discovery services that help you reach out to your clients with ease and make connections. Our contact discovery services are precise, dependable, and consistent and re-checked multiple times to ensure accurate data.

CRM Appends and Cleansing

Most companies lose out a lot of valuable and unrecoverable data due to improper cleansing and not maintaining a backup. CRM Appends and Cleansing is important and should be done at timely schedules. We at Digitalzone understand how critical it is to make sure these functions are operational. Timely efficient cleansing systems not only keep data safe but also allow uninterrupted processes to flow with consistency. In the case of CRM Appends and Cleansing, the present data is verified, checked for correctness and ensured if relevant.

Database Validation Service

Database validation service is a time-consuming and difficult process; however, it also holds utmost importance in every industry. Although creating a structured database is as important as rendering efficient database services; the accuracy of the data too plays a vital role in generating leads, demand generation and establishing sales. We take care of the entire process from beginning to end to make sure the data is precise, correct, meaningful and secure.

List Building Service

With an enormous industry-leading database of more than 65 million individuals and 85 million people across 900 industry segments, we have it thoroughly covered from start to finish. The list building service works by procuring essential information from a wide database with the view of utilizing the same to reach out to clients at any point in the future. Most firms have a huge database already ready, while others who are still growing require procuring the database and then sorting it out as per the need of the hour. Digitalzone's unique list building strategies assist you with both aspects and help you create an efficient and reliable database that can be targeted as per your need.

Market Research

With new changes seen in the market almost every other day due to an array of technologies and new services being introduced, it is both important yet difficult to keep your data up to date. Efficient market research is vital for creating concrete business plans, business development and understanding your current reach. We go to great heights to procure relevant and accurate data and put together a detailed description for you. Our market research will save valuable time, often lost in exploration, inquiries, and amalgamation of data and instead present you with crisp data, ready to be put to use for B2B business, sales activities, lead generation, target advertising and other activities.

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Data Management

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Account Profiling

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Cluster Marketing

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